Today, there is no country free of antisemitism, no political orientation insulated against Jew-hatred, and no movement immune to the scourge of discrimination against the Jewish people.


About Us

Maspik! seeks to bring the best minds together to foster creative and innovative approaches to combating the scourge of antisemitism in Canada.

Hatred of Jews constitutes the world’s oldest form of prejudice. Antisemitism attributes to Jews a unique characteristic of ‘Cosmic Evil’ that attaches to no other group – no matter how vilified they may sometimes be. 
Responding to this dangerous trend requires a broad alliance and shared ownership. Maspik! will empower organizations to contribute to the fight against antisemitism in ways best suited to their expertise.
The Maspik! Coalition welcomes participation from established organizations, thought-leaders, and other distinguished Canadians who are influencers across cultural, political, ethnic and academic sectors.

Join Our Coalition

Coalition partners will be invited to apply for funding for innovative projects. Overseen by a committee of community volunteers, allocations will be provided for action-oriented initiatives that advance the Maspik! Coalition’s objective of combating antisemitism in Canada. 

If you are a Canadian organization whose mandate is combating antisemitism, we invite you to become a member of the coalition.

If you are an individual who cares about combating antisemitism and want to stay informed about Maspik!, sign up below. 

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