Oversight Committee

The Maspik! Oversight Committee comprises community leaders from across Canada volunteering to evaluate submissions and approve Maspik! grant proposals. Experienced in many Jewish community endeavours and with a history of personal activism, each comes to this project independent of any specific organizational affiliation, offering the benefit of their collective expertise and passion, united in the fight against Jew-hatred.

Moshe Ronen, Chair
Ariela Cotler
Ariella Rohringer
Carol Ryder
Carole Zucker
Courtney Cohen
Dena Libman
Heather Fenyes
Jeffrey Rosenthal
Joel Reitman
Maxyne Finkelstein
Mike Diamond
Shoel Silver
Stacey Wintre
Stephen Altbaum, JNF
Steven Farber
Wendy Eisen

JNF Staff – Jeff Springer
CIJA Staff – Shimon Fogel

Maspik Staff – Judy Zelikovitz, CIJA