Oversight Committee

The Maspik! Oversight Committee comprises community leaders from across Canada volunteering to evaluate submissions and approve Maspik! grant proposals. Experienced in many Jewish community endeavours and with a history of personal activism, each comes to this project independent of any specific organizational affiliation, offering the benefit of their collective expertise and passion, united in the fight against Jew-hatred.

Moshe Ronen, Chair
Ariela Cotler
Ariella Rohringer
Carol Ryder
Carole Zucker
Courtney Cohen
Dena Libman
Gail Adelson-Marcovitz
Heather Fenyes
Maxyne Finkelstein
Mike Diamond
Noah Shack
Shoel Silver
Stacey Wintre
Stephen Altbaum, JNF
Wendy Eisen

JNF Staff – Jeff Springer
CIJA Staff – Shimon Fogel

Maspik Staff – Judy Zelikovitz, CIJA